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Self Cleaning In-Line Strainers

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Fine & Coarse Bubble Diffused Aeration

NEBULA Multi-Stage Biofilm Systems

Rectangular Grit Collection

Primary and Secondary Grit Collection

Chain & Flight Sludge Collection

Aeration | Mixing | Biological Process

Filtration | Membranes | Ozone

Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves

Plunger Control Valves | Air Release Valves


Class AA and Class B Biosolids Treatment and Dryers

For a complete line sheet, click on the appropriate state below:


Vacomass Modular Air Supply for Waste Water Treatment Plants

Belt Filter Presses | Gravity Thickeners

Elctro Osmosis Dehydrators

Activated Carbon Odor Control

Oxygenation Systems

Closed Vessel UV

Weir Gates | Slide Gates | Stop Logs

Flap Gates | Sluice Gates

Positive Displacement Blowers 

and Packages

Screens and Compactors

Baffle Curtains | Algae Control

Fine Screens | Grit Removal

Oxidation Ditches | Spria Flo Clarifiers

Digester Covers| Digester Mixers

Heat Exchangers

Piston and Diaphragm Style Control Valves for Pressure Control, Pump Control, Altitude Control, Energy Dissipation, Surge Relief

Packaged Water Plants

Filter Underdrains

VOC Strippers and Degassifiers


Dissolved Air Flotation

Biological, Chemical and Dry Media Odor Control Systems

Clayton Automatic Control Valves

Altitude Valves | Pump Control Valves

Capital Controls® Gas Feed Equipment

Clor-Tec® On-Site Chlorine Generators

Tetra® Water and Waste Water Underdrains

EST Odor and Chlorine Scrubbers


FRP Odor Control Covers  l  Weir Baffles  
Baffle Walls  l  Launder Covers


Iron & Manganese Removal Systems

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CHLOR-SCALE Chlorine Scales

Automatically Cleaned Intake Screens

Strip, Disk and Tube Diffusers

Bio Cube Fixed Film

Fiberglass Buildings and Flumes

Flow Meters

FRP Metering Manholes | FRP Weirs

FRP Flumes | FRP Buildings

Aluminum Launder and Channel Covers

Ultraviolet Disinfection

Advanced Oxidation Systems

John Meunier Products:

Screens | Grit Removal

Stormwater Equipment


Hydro-pneumatic Tanks for Surge Protection and Pressure Regulation

CleanTek-ID RGB.png

Rotosieve Internally Fed Drum Screens

Prescast Post Tensioned

Concrete Structures

Pond Liners  l  Baffle Curtains

Centrifuges | Packaged Systems

Spiral Heat Exchangers

Screens | Grit Removal

Screw Presses  | Solar & Belt Dryers

Scum Skimming | Plate Settlers | Silos

Storage Bins | Flocculators | Conveyors

Static Mixers

Dry Chemical Storage & Handling

High Density Lime Systems

Polymer Systems

Steel Package Waste

Water Treatment Plants

Floating Brush Aerators

Butterfly Valves | Air Release Valves

Check Valves | Combination Valves

Air Vacuum Valves | Plug Valves


Water/Waste Water Membrane Systems

Anaerobic Digestion Technologies

Methanis® | Tecon® Gas Holders

Evaporis® Belt Dryers

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