Designing treatment applications can
be a daunting task. 

It doesn't have to be. 
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We are excited to announce that Templeton & Associates is now representing Dutchland precast concrete structures in Georgia.  If you have an upcoming water or wastewater project, please reach out to us to learn more about all the benefits of Dutchland prestressed internal tendon tanks.   




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Deciding on the proper equipment selection, sizing, etc., can be very time consuming and often exasperating, but it doesn't have to be.   A primary area of our expertise at Templeton & Associates Engineering Sales, Inc. is the application of systems.  We represent many of the premier pump manufacturers, as well as manufacturers of control systems, membrane systems, UV disinfection and more.  We take pride in the fact that through our knowledge and the products we represent, we can supply a one-stop-shop for your system application. 

In a continual effort to put our customers first, we've made providing the highest engineering standards possible our first priority.  Our commitment to you is this: 

QUALITY PRODUCTS:  We will represent only the highest quality equipment manufacturers.

QUALITY INSTALLATION: When requested, we will oversee installation and start up.

QUALITY SERVICE: Our service doesn't end with the sale. We will support you with parts and service for as long as you own the products.

QUALITY PEOPLE: Our staff is comprised of only those individuals who have been selected for their ethics and honesty. All members of our team work together in the best interest of our customers.