UV disinfection in Georgia has been a proven technology for both water and wastewater disinfection treatment plants.  So much so, that the current installed base of Trojan UV systems in Georgia totals over 80 systems!

In the 1980s, UV disinfection technology was originally installed in wastewater plants to disinfect monthly average effluent flows with typical 30 PPM BOD, 30 PPM TSS and 200/100 ml fecal permits.  As the technology proved itself over time as well as improvements in UV lamp, ballast and control components of the system advanced, UV disinfection was placed in more and more challenging applications.

Fast forward to the 2000s and Reuse Water applications created a whole new market for UV disinfection.  Today,approximately 1/3 of the Trojan installations in Georgia are on Reuse Water Reclamation Plant effluent channels ---- and counting!

When considering UV disinfection for your water, wastewater plant, or storm water flows, remember Trojan has both open channel and closed vessel UV systems for your consideration.

© 2016 by Templeton & Associates Engineering Sales

© 2016 by Templeton & Associates Engineering Sales