Now Representing Primex Controls

Templeton & Associates is pleased to announce that we are now the Municipal Representative for Primex Controls  in Georgia. 

PRIMEX delivers over 40 years of expertise in engineered pump controls and hundreds of years of combined engineering and electrical controls experience while using the latest technology to deliver energy efficient, cost effective products for customers.


PRIMEX doesn't have employees; they have employee-owners who have a vested interest in the success of our customers' projects.  They are 100% committed to developing customer partnerships by providing fast turnaround on quotes, submittals and delivery; maintaining high standards for quality and reliability; and investing in the research and development of innovative new products to expand our board product offering.  They have multiple design and production facilities located across the United States ensure customers seamless, high quality pump control solutions.  PRIMEX engineered pump control solutions carry UL 508AUL 698AUL NNNY and other agency approvals as specified.


PRIMEX has the expertise to design and build robust engineered pump control panels for a wide variety of municipal water/wastewater applications, including


  • Sewage Lift Stations

  • Storm Water Lift Stations

  • Grinder Stations

  • Wastewater Treatments

  • Dewatering

  • Pressure Booster Systems

  • Water Wells

  • Hydropneumatic Systems

  • Water Treatment

  • Flood Controls

  • Irrigation Systems

  • Condensate Return