The Windermere Subdivision wastewater treatment plant needed a cold weather discharge permit and Hayes, James & Associates was tasked to perform the engineering for the plant equipment required for this addition.

The plant flow was to be measured with a Parshall flume and ultrasonic level sensor, and Hach equipment was selected to perform this task. The fiberglass flume and staff gauge were installed at the headworks, and a Hach ultrasonic level sensor was installed over the flume to provide the flow measurement.

At the tail end of the plant a reliable UV disinfection system was needed. Trojan’s 3000 PTP UV system design was selected based on its ease of

installation and low power consumption. The UV channel was manufactured out of stainless steel and supplied by Trojan to the contractor. This cut down on both the field labor and cost of constructing a concrete channel to house the UV lamps. The horseshoe configuration of the channel also saves on space and allows for an even distribution of water across the channel so that the UV lamps can get the best "kill" on any fecal colonies in the effluent.

The pictures show the local certified Trojan technician inspecting and starting up the UV System. This technician is employed by TEMSCO, the local service partner of Templeton & Associates Engineering Sales.


Both TEMSCO and Templeton & Associates Engineering Sales are under one roof in Suwanee, GA.