The City of Roberta contracted Carter & Sloope Engineers to design a sludge handling facility at their wastewater treatment plant.  The engineer was given a tight budget by the City for design and construction of the sludge handling facility that would include a sludge pump, .7 meter belt press, polymer feed system, sludge conveyor and building for housing all the equipment.

Carter & Sloope issued and RFP to vendors for proposals on a skid mounted .7 meter belt press with all the ancillary equipment noted above to be included by one manufacturer.  Carter & Sloope narrowed down the selection to two manufacturers and invited both manufacturers to present their proposals to them and the City of Roberta.  After the presentations and a caucus of between the engineer and owner, Charter Machine Company was selected as the equipment supplier.

The project was to be fast tracked as quickly as possible.  The engineer and owner used a contractor, Lakeshore Engineering, LLC, that was currently working on WWTP site and was familiar with the project scope.  An order was entered on April 5th, 2011 and the equipment was started-up and operating the week of July 25th, 2011.

The Charter Machine Company belt press is sized to press approximately 40 GPM of 1% solids from the existing WWTP waste sludge process.  Sludge is sent to a dumpster and hauled off site for disposal