The City of Rincon built a new mechanical treatment plant that incorporated a fine screen, solids handling system and scum pump along with other mechanical components to treat a peak flow of 2.5 MGD. The City of Rincon’s consulting engineer was EMC for this plant design.

Lakeside Micro Strainer screen with 3mm perforations was selected for the primary screen at the head of the treatment plant.  The Micro Strainer has a basket screen collection feature and incorporates a center auger with a washer/ compactor in the center conveying tube of the screen.  The screen is mounted in a 24” wide channel.

The City of Rincon wanted a mechanical dewatering component to dewater the sludge at the plant.  A Charter Machine Company 1 meter Tower Press was selected for this application.  The Tower Press has unique features.  The press is designed such that it separates the gravity zone from the pressure zone.  This eliminates the possibility of the water that falls from the gravity zone cannot re-wet the sludge going through the pressure zone.  Also, the engineer wanted a manufactured system that included a sludge feed pump, polymer feed system, belt press and conveyor to be supplied by one manufacturer.  Charter Machine Company manufactures the belt press, polymer feed system and control panel in their facility in New Jersey.

A scum pump was required to move the scum that accumulates on the secondary clarifiers to the digester.  Since scum is periodically removed and collects in a wet well that is periodically pumped out, a scum pump with a scum mixing feature was required.  The Vaughan Scum Pump is specifically designed to do this.  The pump has a nozzle attachment that is designed into the discharge piping that breaks up the scum and allows the scum layer to be pumped out of the wet well to the digester.  The Vaughan pump also has cutter blades and a rugged impeller

and shaft design that allow the pump to pump any stringy material, plastics or other items without clogging the pump or nozzle.