Port City Design Group was contracted by the City of Port Wentworth, GA to design a wastewater treatment plant to reuse water effluent standards.  The plant has a 6 MGD peak flow capacity and uses a conventional SBR activated sludge process for biological treatment. 

The head works of the plant incorporate the use of a Schreiber Hydro Grid Model DFR 900, 6 mm fine screen.  The 3’ wide and 5’ deep step screen was selected to due to its compact design.  The screenings are moved to a Schreiber Clean Squeeze Model RWP – 120 compactor where the screenings are dewatered and conveyed to a dumpster.

Also at the head works is a vortex grit removal system manufactured by Lakeside.  The elevated grit collection system is fabricated from all stainless steel components.  The vortex grit removal system is designed to remove grit as follows: 95% removal greater than 50 mesh, 85% removal greater than 70 mesh and 65% greater than 100 mesh.  Grit is flushed to a grit classifier located below the grit vortex tank where it is washed and removed to a dumpster.

Disinfection of the treated wastewater is critical for reuse water applications where the fecal count in the plant effluent must not exceed 23 MPN fecal colonies/100 ml.  Therefore, a Trojan 3000Plus UV disinfection system was installed to provide the disinfection required for this plant.  The three bank, single channel design is simple to operate and utilizes lamps with a 12,000 hour lamp life.