For many years, the City of Nashville, Georgia successfully treated their wastewater with an aerated lagoon and land application system (LAS), but in 2005, John Hunkele and Pete Maye of Coastal Engineering Consultants were tasked with evaluating additional land application sites versus a direct discharge mechanical solution for treatment of the City's wastewater.  The City of Nashville personnel are very "hands on", and Brandon Rice, John Reynolds, and Mayor Travis Harper joined in the evaluation process.  Many potential mechanical process solutions were considered and several installations were visited. 

After evaluating all the mechanical treatment plant options, a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) was selected as the process.  The N.P.D.E.S. permit limits also would require tertiary filtration to be met, so Aqua-Aerobic Systems cloth media filters were selected.  
Upon selection of a process, the team at Coastal Engineering and the City of Nashville directed their efforts toward the headworks
and disinfection needs. 

In 2011, BRW Construction Group was awarded the project.  Aqua-Aerobic Systems was selected to supply the SBR, tertiary filter (AquaDisk Cloth Media Filters) and Plant SCADA.  

Hydro-Dyne Engineering was selected for the headworks screen and Lakeside Equipment was selected for grit removal.  For the critical step of disinfection, UV Technology was the selected process and Trojan UV Technologies was the selected supplier.  With all equipment in place, this facility has proven to reliably meet the effluent requirements of 5/5/1/1.

Below: The Nashville staff decided to SCUBA dive the tank during the wet test!

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