Templeton is proud to have been selected for several pieces of equipment for use on the Indian Creek Water Reclamation Facility for Madison, GA.  The City of Madison, along with Southern Champion, JJG and Templeton and Associates, worked together to provide solutions for this project that effectively met the City’s budget.

Some Examples are:

Influent PS - Using three 50-HP Vaughan Chopper Pumps allowed for first stage screening to be removed from the design, saving both concrete (capital cost) and maintenance.


Tertiary Filters - Since the SBR had a Post-EQ tank, the Post-EQ pumps could be used to pump to high rate Schreiber tertiary filters, saving both space and capital when compared to conventional filters.

Plant Water Pump Station - To save additional capital funds, the plant water pump station design was converted from a horizontal end-suction configuration to a self-priming configuration. This allowed the pumps to be located at grade, saving on excavation and concrete costs.