Penn Valley Sludge Transfer Pump

Fulton County needed to replace three existing screens which were nearing the end of their useful life. The application required a screen that could handle 30 MGD at peak flow with 6 mm spacing between links.  The existing structure could support a 47” wide screen that was 166” tall. 

The Hydro-Dyne Triden screen appeared to be a good replacement screen in that it had a similar footprint to the existing screens and would be an easy retrofit. Also, the head loss across the screen needed to be as low as possible.  The Triden 

screen had an 8” head loss at 30% blinding which was more than adequate for the application.


In just a few months, the screen was purchased, installed and operational.  After several weeks of operational success, Fulton County decided to order a second Triden screen from Hydro-Dyne.

Hydro-Dyne is honored to be the selected supplier for the Big Creek WRF screening application, especially since Fulton County has decided to upgrade the entire WRF.   Hydro-Dyne is proud to be given the responsibility of protecting the downstream processes from solids deposition and appreciates Fulton County’s faith in their product.

Plasti-Fab Scum Skimmer