"Amwell saved me $250,000.  Amwell had flawless performance from idea to finish. They exceeded all my expectations.  I’ll definitely be using them in the future."

Mark Dudziak, 
Operations Manager

Carter & Sloope Consulting Engineers were tasked to design a plant expansion for the City of Kingsland’s wastewater treatment plant.  Part of the plant expansion included new influent pumps, new effluent pumps and a new grit and grease removal system.

One challenge with Kingsland is that a high groundwater table in the lowland area makes deep wet wells more expensive to install than shallow ones.  The engineer compared the wet well depths needed for a submersible pump station versus a self-priming pump station for the influent and effluent pumping stations.  He found that a self-priming station would be much more economical to build in that area, and Gorman-Rupp self priming pumps fit the bill for the solution. 

The engineer was able to offer a design that used T10 pumps for both the influent and effluent pump stations.  All T10 pumps at this plant have the same impeller trim, seal kit, etc. even though the pumps have different duty conditions.  Kingsland does not have to worry about inventorying different impeller trims for the pumps since the pumps are belt and sheave driven and operate at the necessary speed to produce the flow, versus trimming the impeller to meet various flows.

Another challenge presented was the problem of sugar sand and light floatable grease that needed to be taken out at the head of the plant.  Schreiber’s unique grit and grease removal system combines both remedies in a common channel.  An aerated grit removal system is used in the grit channel to maximize the separation of fine sugar sands from the biosolids.  This allows the fine grit to settle, while the biosolids are left in the flow stream to be treated by the downstream activated sludge system.  The grease channel uses multiple air lances that utilize air to push the floating grease down the channel to the grease removal auger.

The Kingsland WRF upgrades have been on-line now for a few years and are working well.