The City of Covington installed a John Meunier MECTAN vortex grit removal system back in the 1990’s at the head of their wastewater treatment plant to remove grit from the influent flow stream.  The installed equipment included a vortex grit collection chamber and a grit classifier. 

The grit classifier had reached the end of its service life and the City of Covington began the budgeting process for replacing the unit.  This time, an all stainless  steel grit classifier was desired, so the City of Covington decided on a replacement unit from John Meunier.

The City of Covington crew removed the old unit and installed the new unit themselves.  As you can see by the pictures, they did an excellent job installing the unit. 

John Meunier takes pride in delivering a quality product and the City of Covington takes pride in a standard of excellence for installing the replacement grit classifier.  Take a look for yourself!