Columbia County Reed Creek WWTP needed to process a sludge that was tough to dewater. They definitely wanted a belt press, but was not sure an 8 roll belt press that is standard to the industry was the solution. The solution was to keep the sludge under pressure for a longer period of time and expose the sludge to more area under pressure by using a 15 roll belt press. The Charter Machine Company 15 roll Tower Press was selected for this tough sludge dewatering application.

The sludge at the Reed Creek WWTP does not release watervery quickly; therefore, the standard 8 roll belt press designs found in the market place

were limited on their ability to dewater this particular sludge. It was determined that when the sludge was subjected to more area under pressure, meaning contacting more rollers in the pressure zone, the sludge dewatered better and a dryer sludge cake was discharged off the press. The three belt design also allows the operator to independently dial in the gravity section belt speed from the belt speed going through the pressure zone to optimize polymer performance.

Charter Machine Company(CMC) has been manufacturing sludge dewatering equipment for many years. They manufacture a broad line of products which include gravity belt thickeners, 8 roll Horizontal Belt Press, 8 roll Tower Press, and a 15 roll Tower Press. Charter Machine Company also makes their own polymer feed systems, control panels and skids for complete skid mounted system packages.