Clayton County Water Authority (CCWA) owns and operates an advanced conventional wastewater treatment plant – the Shoal Creek WRF.  The CCWA has a history of operating all their plants with maximum efficiency and minimal waste.  An example of maximizing efficiency by reducing operating costs is to use the plant effluent as a reuse water supply.  The Shoal Creek plant has several locations where reuse water can be used effectively.  

These locations include influent screen spray wash water, yard hydrants and various locations around the plant for process equipment wash down.  At all these locations, a nozzle with a small diameter opening is used to deliver the reuse water to the point of application.

CCWA has a reuse water storage tank and vertical turbine pumps to store and deliver the reuse water around the plant.  In order to assure that the reuse water has as much particulate matter removed from it so that the various nozzles do not clog, they installed an Amiad in-line filter in the discharge line of the reuse water vertical turbine pumps.

The Amiad filter has a unique self cleaning feature that minimized operator interface with the filter.  The filter allows for continuous, uninterrupted forward flow of reuse water even when the filter is in the backwash mode.  The filter is sized for a maximum 200 GPM flow and has a 200 micron mesh opening on the filter media.

The filter controls are designed so that the plant SCADA system can communicate with the filter and allow the operators to know when the filter is backwashing.  Since CCWA has other Amiad filters at other plant location, they were familiar with the filter and installed it themselves.