The Clayton County Water Authority (CCWA) initiated an in-house design for a pump station that included three self-priming pumps and control system, as well as a stand-by power source for emergency power service in the event of line power interruption.  Mr. Cliff Beroset, PE was the lead design engineer for CCWA who was tasked to spear head the civil design.

The station needed three pumps, each pump sized to pump 1000 GPM at over 240’ TDH.  The station would operate using two duty and one stand-by pump.  The 

pumps needed to be self priming and the manufacturer of the pumps had to also supply

the complex triplex control MCC as a system.  Clayton County Water Authority selected a

manufacturer that they have been using for many years – the Gorman-Rupp Company.  

Gorman-Rupp supplied the engineer with the product drawings and specifications to

include in the construction documents for the station.  The pumps selected were Model

VS6 two stage pumps, each stage to be operated with inverter duty rated 75 hp motors.  

The MCC housed the level controls, system PLC and the VFDs for the system operation.

The project also required a stand-by diesel generator to operate the station when line power was interrupted.  The requirements for the generator system supplier included a 350kW generator, generator control panel, automatic transfer switch, fuel tank, fiberglass enclosure with all necessary ventilation and emergency lighting all be mounted on a common

skid and be delivered pre-wired and pre-plumbed to mount on a concrete pad.  The manufacturer selected for this system was Precision Systems, another long time supplier of stand-by power generation systems for the CCWA.


Due the high TDH of the station, a wastewater surge control valve was needed to quell any water hammer that may occur during operation of the system.  A Ross surge control valve was installed outside the station on the force main to provide hydraulic surge protection for the station.

The manufacturers were highly complimentary of both Mr. Beroset and Mr. Marshall Maddox, also employed by Clayton County Water Authority, for the assistance and support provided during the start up and initial operation of the station.  They were both instrumental in the success of this stage of the project, as well as the design phase.