These are challenging times for municipal wastewater treatment plant operators.  Operating budgets necessitate doing more with less. Increasingly stringent regulations require more sophisticated treatment processes while the experienced technicians you need to operate them can be difficult to find and retain.

Municipalities can help address many of these issues by partnering with Centrisys. Our advanced decanter centrifuge systems for municipalities support improved operations while simultaneously reducing operating costs.

The first Centrisys decanter centrifuge for dewatering, installed in 1989, is still in operation today, along with over 1,000 other Centrisys dewatering systems in municipal plants worldwide.

Our centrifuges deliver the driest cake possible at the lowest HP per GPM of flow of any decanter on the market, which results in more savings for you year after year.  Customers have reported significant annual cost reductions including:

  • 96% reduction in fuel consumption while maintaining 24% cake solids

  • 33% reduction in polymer consumption

We’ve also worked closely with our municipal customers to overcome a key challenge of the thickening process: polymer costs.

The result, the THK thickening system, is expertly engineered to supersede older thickening technologies – gravity belt and rotary drum – by requiring no polymer under normal conditions (150 SVI).