The City of Canton, GA has an existing dry pit pump station that has been in service since 1985. The original pumps were conventional dry pit pumps with extended shafts to motors located on an intermediate level. Approximately 5 years ago,  those pumps were replaced with dry pit submersible pumps and they had worked well..... until recently. 

The pump station began to experience clogging issues, mainly due to an ever growing presence of non-dispersible items (baby wipes, shop rags, disposable diapers, etc.) being flushed down toilets and into the gravity sewers. Eventually the volume of non-dispersible items began to overwhelm the pumps ability to pass them, which caused the pumps to burn out and ultimately the switch gear, as well. 

In order to maintain the station when it clogged, each pump had to have the suction piping flange unbolted from the pump suction flange so that personnel could reach the impeller to unclog the pump. This procedure took several hours for each pump and began to occur on a more and more frequent basis.

David Hatabian, Utilities Engineer and Reservoir Manager for the City, approached us with his problem and asked if a Vaughan pump would be a good retrofit solution for his application. 

David showed us the pictures of the large volume of non-dispersible items he pulled out of the pumps. The challenge was on, and Vaughan was ready and willing to take it on! The unique advantage of the chopping action of the Vaughan impeller and wet end provides the pumping solution the City needed

The City contracted Willow Construction to retrofit the station with Vaughan chopper pumps. After a successful retrofit, the pumps were put into service and are operating nicely. The material that flows to the pump station and enters the pumps’ wet end are easily chopped and passed through the pump. The end result to date has been the elimination of maintenance man hours required to clean out clogged pumps so that maintenance personnel can spend their time elsewhere in the collection system.