Brunswick - Glynn County

Joint Water & Sewer Commission

Academy Creek Sludge Handling Facility


The City of Brunswick contracted Stantec Engineers to design a new solids handling facility to enhance the City’s ability to improve production efficiency and save money on the landfill disposal costs of their current system.


Stantec selected Vaughan Chopper Pumps to transfer anaerobically digested sludge from one digester to another.  Vaughan’s ability to handle the roughest applications was the main reason their pump was chosen for this job.


The JBGWSC and Stantec selected two Charter Machine Company 2 meter belt presses to dewater the anaerobically digested sludge. 


The JBGWSC had a special polymer blending system that they wanted and Stantec asked Merrick to design and supply what the City desired.


Stantec developed an RFP for the City of Brunswick to solicit proposals from several sludge dryer manufacturers.  Cost of ownership played a significant role in the selection of the dryer.  Once the review process was completed, Fenton was selected.


Currently the system is operating as designed and putting out a Class A sludge.  The dried material is 95%  dry by volume.  The amount of solids JBGWSC has to dispose of today is 80% less than the City was disposing of previously.  Thus the City recognizes a significant savings on landfill and transportation costs.


Stantec was recognized for the design and won a prestigious engineering award for the project. 


Congratulations Stantec!