Templeton & Associates is pleased to announce that we are now the Municipal Representative in Georgia  for Jim Myers and Sons. 

In 1962, Jim Myers & Sons, Inc. was founded to serve the steel fabrication needs of the municipal water and wastewater industries 
in the Carolinas. Today, JMS is a nationally-recognized, full-service leader in water and wastewater treatment equipment and systems:

JMS Water Treatment Equipment includes

  • Plate Settlers

  • Horizontal Paddle-Wheel Flocculators

  • Vertical Paddle-Wheel Flocculators

  • Walking Beam Flocculators, Troughs, and Skimming Equipment (both Paddle-Wheel and Helical)

JMS Wastewater Treatment Equipment is available for

  • Post-Aeration, Material Handling, and Separation Systems

  • Low-Profile Cascade Aerators

  • Belt Conveyors, Screw Conveyors, Storage Hoppers, Bins, Silos, Live Bottom Feeders, Slide Gates, and Diverter Valves

  • Grit Classifiers, Screening Compactors, Scum Pipes, Level Control/Decanters, and Airlift Pumps.