Access to clean water is one of the world's greatest challenges - for drinking, for industry, and for irrigation. For more than 40 years, Amiad has helped meet this vital need by providing outstanding filtration technology to industrial, municipal and irrigation users around the world. Amiad filtration systems are more than just effective and reliable - they're environmentally sound:

  • No chemicals

  • No polymers

  • A bare minimum of back flush water

  • Reduced energy demand - many of our systems don't even require electricity

And their small footprint saves valuable installation space.

Amiad is committed to successfully developing, manufacturing and distributing water treatment and filtration solutions for Potable Water and Wastewater, in applications such as pre-filtration for MF, UF, NF and RO membranes, UV and tertiary treatment, and polishing. Amiad products and systems enable our clients to achieve their full potential for supplying clean water systems. 

Every Amiad filtration system is built for efficiency, effectiveness and reliability. And every Amiad filtration system is backed by our commitment to customer service.  It's all part of Amiad's pledge: to deliver clean water using clean technology.

For more information on using Amiad for your application, please contact Allen or Bill at 770.614.8550.